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Auto Claims

The following provides general claim information, but please keep in mind that every claim is different and must be considered in the context of the particular policy and any endorsements that you may have in place.  Each policy has specific terms and conditions that detail your coverages.  The following information is not intended to modify any of the terms or conditions in your individual policy.

Will filing a claim increase my premium?

Every policyholder's situation is unique. Depending on your circumstances, your policy may be affected. When reviewing your policy, we take many factors into account, including driving record, number of past claims and payout amounts of past claims. If you are concerned, please contact your agent.

Will my policy be cancelled if I file a claim?

To help keep rates affordable for all KFB members, we must occasionally cancel a policy if a policyholder becomes a high risk. For example, by filing multiple claims within a brief period of time, causing an accident while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or taking unnecessary risks. Contact your agent for additional information.

If injured in an auto accident, will my auto policy pay for my medical expenses?

Typically, reasonable and necessary medical treatment is covered under the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage of your auto policy. If you carry Personal Injury Protection, it will provide benefits for the driver and passengers in your vehicle, and possibly pedestrians struck by your vehicle.

What if the accident happened outside of Kentucky? Who handles the claim?

If your accident happened outside of Kentucky, your claim will be assigned to an adjuster who is trained to help you. Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance will determine if your car needs to be inspected by an adjuster. KFB works with professional adjusters located across the country who are available to help when needed.

What's a deductible?

A deductible is the dollar amount of the claim you are responsible to pay. For example, if you have a $500 deductible, you will be responsible for the first $500 of certain first party claims that you file and then Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance will pay the remainder. You choose the deductible on your policy when you purchase insurance. A higher deductible lowers the price of your premium.

To whom do I pay the deductible?

We will typically reduce the amount paid to you by the amount of your deductible. You will pay the deductible to the repair facility.

The accident wasn't my fault. Do I still have to pay a deductible?

Regardless of fault, you'll pay a deductible for certain coverages. However, during the claim investigation, if the facts indicate there's a chance to recover the damages from the person responsible for the accident, we'll attempt to recover them, including your deductible. If we aren't successful, you have the option of trying to recover the costs on your own. 

What if my repairs cost more than my estimate?

If your repairs cost more than the provided estimate, the repair shop should contact the appropriate KFB claims representative to discuss any additional loss-related damages.

What if my car is totaled?

A vehicle is considered a total loss if the estimated cost to repair exceeds 75% of its actual cash value (ACV). The decision whether to repair or declare a vehicle a total loss is based on the type and extent of damage, age of the vehicle, state law and other factors. In order to make the determination, we will have to inspect the vehicle.

If your vehicle is determined to be a total loss, you will be paid the actual cash value of the vehicle as established by conducting a local market survey, less any applicable deductible.

Will I still have to pay my loan or lease after a total loss?

After your vehicle is declared a total loss, you may still owe money on your loan or lease if the actual cash value of your vehicle is less than what you owe. Purchasing loan/lease payoff coverage prior to an accident can provide financial security for you in case your vehicle is declared a total loss.

Loan/lease payoff coverage, commonly called "gap" coverage, may pay the difference between the actual cash value of your vehicle and what you still owe on your loan or lease (less any deductible). The payment made under this coverage may not exceed 25% of the ACV.

What if I disagree with the total loss value?

We will be glad to review any documentation you have to support the reason for disagreement. We will review the documentation for accuracy and applicability to the total loss vehicle. If the documentation is credible and it affects our assessment of the ACV, we will adjust our offer accordingly. If we remain in disagreement, our policy contract describes how an appraisal can be arranged to resolve the differences.

What happens to a vehicle after a total loss?

Typically, totaled vehicles are sold at salvage auctions or to a licensed salvage dealer. KFB complies with the appropriate laws and regulations that require obtaining salvage titles or branding/marking the title. We obtain salvage at the conclusion of a total loss settlement and sell it through licensed salvage vendors. We do not directly sell vehicles determined to be a total loss to private individuals.

Can I keep my vehicle after a total loss?

In some instances, you may be able to purchase your vehicle from Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance after a total loss. Your adjuster can provide information if you are interested. 

Will you pay for a rental car while my car is being repaired?

You may be covered, depending on your coverage and circumstances of your claim. Please consult with your agent and/or policy for specific information prior to a loss or speak to your adjuster regarding a specific claim. 

When will I get paid a settlement?

Once your claim has been investigated (including vehicle repairs, if applicable) and you have agreed on a settlement amount, your claims representative will work to pay your settlement as quickly as possible. 

If property is stolen from my insured vehicle, is the loss covered by my auto policy?

There are restrictions to coverage for certain types of equipment under the auto policy. Other personal property items are typically covered under your homeowners policy. Please contact your Claim Representative for additional information. 

What if the other party involved in the accident files a lawsuit against me?

Should any party allege that you or any insured under your policy is responsible for bodily injury or property damage, Kentucky Farm Bureau will conduct an investigation to assess the allegations. If you receive notice of a lawsuit filed against you, please notify your KFB agent and claims representative immediately, and forward any documents you receive to them as soon as possible.