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Get Involved

Kentucky Farm Bureau: Get to Know Your County Farm Bureau

Get to Know Your County Farm Bureau

When you become an active member of your county Farm Bureau, you will immediately notice that you have joined a family ready to welcome you to the organization. Through service together, meetings, special events, or conferences, you will develop friendships that will last a lifetime. And not just for you. Farm Bureau is a place for your entire family. Your spouse, parents, and children are all welcome in everything we do.



Kentucky Farm Bureau: Why County Farm Bureaus Matter

Why County Farm Bureaus Matter

The strength of our organization comes from our volunteer leaders who are active participants in their county Farm Bureau. Every day our county leaders are standing up for rural Kentucky, educating their communities about agriculture, and advocating to legislators the needs of our Kentucky farm families. Clark County Board Member Shane Wiseman talks about how there is a place for you at Kentucky Farm Bureau.



Kentucky Farm Bureau: Developing Solutions

Developing Solutions

As a volunteer leader, you can help identify key issues that you believe need to be addressed at the state or federal level and recommend the position that you think Kentucky Farm Bureau needs to best advocate for Kentucky farm families. Savannah Robin, Bourbon County Farm Bureau Board member, shares how county Farm Bureaus are developing solutions to help grow rural communities.



Kentucky Farm Bureau: More Ways to Be Engaged

More Ways to Be Engaged

There are opportunities to serve on committees that help further agricultural education, create special events that help bring a community together, or serve on the county Farm Bureau board. In whatever way you choose to serve, you will build lasting relationships that can grow your community, farm and career. You will make a difference in the lives of the people in your county, improving where they live and the economic opportunities they have. Tammy White of Union County discusses how Farm Bureau leaders are making a difference.



Kentucky Farm Bureau: The Voice of Kentucky Agriculture

The Voice of Kentucky Agriculture

People often think of Kentucky Farm Bureau as an insurance company. And that’s correct. Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance is the leading property and casualty insurance company in the state. However, many don’t know that Kentucky Farm Bureau Federation was originally founded in 1919 for the purpose of giving farmers a way to advocate for rural interests. Allen County’s John Pedigo explains how county Farm Bureaus are engaged with elected officials.



Kentucky Farm Bureau: Get Involved

Get Involved

Our rural communities need strong leaders. Kentucky Farm Bureau has been committed for over 100 years to finding and developing those leaders in our rural communities. I believe that everyone can be a leader, if only given the chance. Kentucky Farm Bureau and your county Farm Bureau want to give you that chance. Watch our video with county leaders telling us why they are engaged in Farm Bureau and listen to our podcast with KFB’s Executive Committee about why we need strong leaders, like you, to join us.